Base Linux System Environment

I have installed a lot of linux systems, such as Arch, Ubunt, Deepin, Freebsd, Centos, Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Lfs, Debian and so on.
Then I learn a lot about Installing Systems. When I have installed a system, I usually install some useful tools for it.
1, zsh oh-my-zsh
2, tmux
3, sudo
4, vim spf13-vim
5, w3m
6, chromium
7, i3
8, mutt
9, fcitx

1, Debian
Ubuntu, deepin
2, Centos
Fedora, Mageia
3, Arch
sudo pacman -S sudo zsh tmux
sudo pacman -S vim w3m i3 mutt chromium
4, openSuse
5, Gentoo
6, FreeBSD


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